Our focus is on successfully guiding people through in achieving their dreams and plans of studying or working abroad in any country of their choice. Mobile, Online and & Live counseling services are avaliable. Register online to start up with us.

next academic session starts in september 2019

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Our Education Consulting / Advisory Services are free but only avaliable to registered people. So you need to fill our online Registration form now. Click the link above to register online.

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All Consulting sessions are free, but you need to book an appointment ahead of time to meet with a Counsellor, this helps us successfully give maximum attention to every registered person. You can use whatsapp to book an appointment whatsapp no. is 08038004403

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Being able to properly understand the language of your prospective study country is overtly expedient. We have various language packs that can help you through properly. Call 08038004403 for a Language Pack. Language packs have varying cost depending on the Language.

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We usually have Live Forums for People intending to school abroad, Visits from foreign Universities in different countries which gives the students an oppourtunity for them to ask direct questions, while some schools also conduct interviews here in Nigeria often. You need to always stay in touch with our website to know details of various up coming events.

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Prior to before you met the Huxon Edge Council Team it may have been very difficult trying go abroad and study, but that is simply because you've been going about it without professional advice or guide. We are here to take the stress out of the process. If you want to study or work abroad you need to register now. You can get an admission and a scholarship to study abroad if you follow the right processes which we will put you through. You need to step-up now and make the required attempt, it is easier than you think it is.

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We want to help people fulfil their dreams of studying and working abroad with ease. Particularly in a situation where Universities in Nigeria and many other African countries are hardly enough for thousands of candidates who apply and sit for National exams every year. Leaving a large population of people who should be credible students at home, which is a very gruelling experience for any young brilliant mind. when in the actual sense everyone who can afford to school should be given an oppourtunity not just to go to school but to fulfill their dreams of becoming the professional they hope to become.

Our Counseling services run Live (one-on-one), Online and on Mobile media (Whatsapp, BBM, Viber). And all three methods (Live, Online & Mobile) get the same impact. Actually Online and Mobile Counseling are alot faster because you can stay in touch with your counselor on the go. Once you register, a counselor will be assigned to you. You don't need to come to our Physical locations if you are not in Port Harcourt, simple register online and your Counselor will connect with you.

There are many scholarship oppourtunities abroad people can exploit to help them through school in different countries and many schools in developed world make room for students to study and work at ...READ MORE

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